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For more than 40 years, we have been the distributor of the high-quality meat, fish, cheese and processed cheese products of the ICL (formerly BK-Giulini).

Kutter phosphates

Tari K - Fibrisol - Brifisol - Plasmal

The basic function of these Kutter phosphates is the activation of muscle protein and the stabilisation of meat emulsion (improvement of its firmness). The right combination of phosphates is extremely important, and ICL has years of experience in this area. They supply the optimum phosphate mixtures for better water and/or fat binding and the right firmness and structure of your end product.

Complete mixtures

Tari complet K, Tari combi K, Fibrisol combi K, Tari K Tari Colpur Jabarot

The correct ratios of phosphates, colour stabilisers and flavouring in addition to starches, proteins, etc., if required.


Pickling phosphates

Tari P - Curafos - Brifisol - Plasmal

The basic function of these pickling phosphates from ICL is to increase the water binding capacity, the adhesion and firmness of cooked single meat products during slicing, resulting in reduced losses during cooking. The right combination of phosphates is extremely important, and ICL has years of experience in this area. The result is excellent solubility in brine:

Better distribution of the brine in the meat,

Optimum extraction of the meat,

Increased water binding capacity,

Optimum cohesion during slicing


Recolouring products

Tari Colpur Jabarot

The right colouring of meat products depends to a large extent on the stabilisers added. ICL's products combine the positive effects of various colour enhancers, relative to the application and the production process, for a fast and safe recolouring process, an attractive colour and the required stability. Adding the optimum quantity of nitrite, ensures that the residual quantity of nitrite in the end product if reduced considerably.


The fish industry

Brifisol Pescaplus Taroma

For the application in:

  • Frozen shrimp and other shellfish
  • Tinned salmon and tuna fish, smoked and salted fish varieties.
  • Surimi
  • Manufactured fish products
  • Cuttlefish, etc.

Brifsol and Pescaplus have been specially developed for the prevention of chemical, bacteriological or enzymatic reactions that are undesirable for fish products. 
Brifsol and Pescaplus ensure that the texture of the flesh of the fish remains unaffected during transport and storage, as well as during processing, and reduces damage to cell walls during freezing (cryoprotection).


Flavouring and seasonings

Tarimix Fibrisolmix

In addition to the functional components, these products also contain specific seasonings for a range of traditional sausage varieties such as Frankfurters, Mortadella, etc. As a result, the user will achieve a simplification of the production process, whilst guaranteeing the safety and quality of the products.


High-quality flavourings for taste enhancement with a extensive range of specific taste profiles, including: ham, chicken, piquant smoky, BBQ, smoke, beef, pork


Special applications

Tari L Tarisol Fresh Tari Fresh

Liquid products for treating rind and other collagen type products (for the preparation of raw rind/collagen emulsions) as well as for preserving freshness and extending the shelf life of meat products in general.

Bekaplus Tarigel

Products based on carrageen or gelatine for optimum results in cooked ham or sausage varieties, as well as a many other specialties.


Specialities based on proteins; can be used as stabiliser or emulsifying agent.


Processed cheese industry

Joha Solva

The Joha and Solva melting salts from BK Giulini have unique properties and have been used around the world for 70 and 50 years respectively. As a result, BK Giulini has gained extensive experience in the processed cheese industry and their trained specialists will be happy to share their knowledge with you.


Cheese flavours, phosphate salts with smoke flavouring, for example, which improve the taste profile of processed cheese or fresh cheese preparations.

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