Well filled!


Fibrous casings are easy to process and are diameter consistent
casings that can be smoked, and retain their shape, with various impregnations, from strongly adhering to easy-to-peel, or the right fungal growth.

Type N

For universal application!
Because it is easy to peel, it is ideally suited for different varieties of cooked sausages. This type was developed for the production of dry sausage, preshaped meat products, and for cooked sausages.

Type I

Adhesion guaranteed! 
The Fibrous I has especially good bonding properties that prevent the escape of fat or aspic from cooking sausages, and is particularly suitable for a range of dry sausages with a long shelf life. Its optimum shrinkage properties provide perfect adhesion, also for dry sausages with a high weight loss.

Type P

Easy to peel!
This easy-to-peel casing is used particularly for cooked ham and other cooked meat products, such as various types of luncheon meats or cheese products. For smoother processing, the Fibrous P is also available pricked and with a vent hole.


Double-viscosed variations of the I/N/P
types Because of their high mechanical strength, these types are especially suited to the production of long sausages.

Type S

Very strong adhesion, matt surface
Fibrous S has very good aging properties. The surface of this casing has been very finely scored, which enables a uniform growth of fungus. Even without fungus, the sausage will have a matt and typical appearance. Fibrous S is also suitable for immersing.

Nalo Top

The star performer with a functional barrier on the inside!
For every sausage there is a tailored suit with properties such as diameter consistency, perfectly cylindrical expansion, specified stretch limits, self-shrinking, ease of peeling, long shelf life, etc., etc.
NaloTop is a strong casing, able to withstand heating during large-scale production of sausages and meat products, Regardless whether it involves Lyoner, luncheon meat or Hausmacher liver sausage.


Tradition wearing a new coat. 
The familiar Fibrous casing with various types of netting.

Nalo Fashion

A real eye catcher! 
This casing combines the outstanding characteristics of the Kalle Fibrous casings with a traditional appearance. Ideally suited to seasonal products (Easter, Christmas) and printable, with your logo for example.

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